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Rick Perry Shows How A President Acts In 2 Tweets

In contrast to both Barack Obama and his rivals for the Republican nomination in 2016, Rick Perry knows that actions, including symbolic ones, show true leadership.

This is not an endorsement of Rick Perry for President.

    1. Perry Knows To Secure The Border First, Or Immigration Reform Has No Chance

      In contrast to Mr. Obama’s irresponsible and unconstitutional refusal to carry out repatriation of those attempting to immigrate illegally, thus forcing the immigration system to appear even more dysfunctional than it already was, Perry knows that once the border is secure, changes to the immigration system can take place on a more rational basis.


  • Perry Knows American Support for Israel Must Be Unequivocal

    Mr Obama’s grudging acknowledgment of Israel’s right to defend itself is always paired with criticism of the way the Jewish nation does it. Rather than pointing out that Israel’s opponents are uncivilized monsters who use civilians as human shields, Mr Obama criticizes Israel. That gives Hamas a victory. Perry refuses to do that.


Rick Perry Shows How A President Acts In 2 Tweets