Reggie Phillips for State Rep in Illinois 110th District

There are three candidates vying for the Republican nomination for State Representative in Illinois’ 110th District:

  • Reggie Phillips of Charleston. Phillips owns and operates Unique Homes in Charleston, a residential construction company.
  • Darrell Cox of Ashmore. Cox is Coles County Sheriff. He’s pretty good at selling seized guns, and does gun business with his own county. I like guns, but I don’t like my state reps profiting from their position in government.
  • Kevin Garner of Hazel Dell. Garner is the Parts Manager at LD Mechanical in Charleston. 

    At the Cumberland County Republicans’ Lincoln Day dinner, Garner refused an interview, saying I’d written things about him that weren’t true. As far as I know, this post from 2012 is the only thing I’ve written about Garner.

Reggie Phillips is the best candidate for the job.

Illinois Review has a candidate profile and survey he answered.

I asked the candidate what he thought about House Speaker Mike Madigan’s (D-Chicago) proposal to cut the corporate tax rate in half.

“I think Madigan’s is an excellent idea and we should do it,” said Phillips, “but we need to cut the personal income taxes back, too. There’s $3.6 billion paid in corporate taxes to the general fund. So $18 or $19 billion comes from personal taxes. So more people are affected by the personal, because a huge percentage of the corporate taxes are ma and pa businesses, just like us.”

Phillips stressed that he wants the 67% increase not to be extended when it sunsets next year.

“But you understand that’s $4 billion a year, and they have had $19 billion over the past three years,” Phillips continued. “And what have they done with the $19 billion? So the issue is, if that sunsets, they have been spending that $4 billion, and have not decreased the amount of money that’s still owed at the end of the year. $7.5 billion in unpaid bills, including Medicaid, and all the other sources” of unpaid bills, Phillips said.

Phillips said it would take leadership to deal with the intolerable level of corruption and the double-dealing on the budget.

Phillips is for term limits, and says none of the other candidates are. “I believe in two terms I should be able to do what I set out to do.”

Workman’s compensation reform is his biggest priority, Phillips said. “I’ll tell you a little story about a plastics company in our district. It’s got 30 employees. The owner said ‘If you could cut workers compensation rate down to what Indiana is, I could add 17 more employees without any extra expense. That would pay for the 17 employees, the owner said, and I could grow my business.’”

“We don’t let free enterprise work. We always try to inject government into it,” — Reggie Phillips, Illinois 110th District.

Whichever candidate you support in the 110th district race, please vote. Primary elections without a presidential race on the ticket are usually very low turnout, so your vote carries more weight.